Akilah Stevens

Akilah has over 20 years of experience in the Technology industry as a senior information technology (IT)  business leader with a proven track record of success in managing business transformation, IT audit compliance risks, strategy, and change management initiatives to drive efficiencies. She has served on the board of SYD’s for the past two years and has a strong passion for STEM and making a difference in her community. 

Fun Fact: Akilah graduated from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems.

Roman Sudan Montagueo

Mr. Montagueo is a co-founder and interim executive director of the STEAM Your Dreams (SYD) organization. He is currently responsible for providing the vision, strategy, and leadership to design and build the programs necessary for SYD to execute its mission. His undergraduate studies were in computerized business systems and accounting. His Masters and advanced degrees are from the University of St. Francis and University of Wales (Cardiff) in business psychology, philosophy, and theology. Mr. Montagueo has spent over 20 years designing and engineering products and solutions for global companies such as IBM, Deloitte, PwC, XL (re-insurance), and more. His creative solutions have generated over $250 million in revenue in the last decade. At the age of 4, his mother and family observed him sketching on paper with a pencil; a vase with orchid flowers with great detail. “Hey mom, Roman can draw.” his older brother yells. As a polymath, he designs user experiences by using the art of observation and research. He is gifted and talented at creating music (sound design), authoring a children’s book series (publishing), building websites (digital marketing), and producing animation and motion graphics for TV and film.

Fun Fact: Roman believes he is the best UNO card player in the world! #fact: He has won once against his daughter (now 26) and son (25) once.

Lesley Bracero

Lesley Bracero was born in Los Angeles, California.  She later moved to North Chicago, IL.  She graduated from North Chicago Community High School in North Chicago, Illinois and later received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama.  She went on to pursue her Master’s Degree in Reading from Northeastern Illinois University.  Later she graduated from the American College of Education with her second Masters in Educational Leadership.  Her passion is teaching her students to love reading and a love of learning. 

Fun Fact:  Mrs. Bracero enjoys performing arts and has done many plays and is currently working on her first feature film. 

Karen Dansby

Mrs. Dansby is an educator with Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa Florida. Currently attending the University of South Florida to earn an Ed.D. in program innovation she is focusing on the integration of instructional technology. Empowering students to believe in their own abilities she strives to inspire and challenge her students to use their creativity to engage in both hands-on and technology-based learning opportunities such as STEM and educational learning games.
Fun fact: Mrs. Dansby is a life-long learner, but also enjoys taking time to go camping and relax around a campfire!

Landon White

Mr. White is a co-founder. He likes to volunteer and coach youth. Originally born and raised from Baltimore, Maryland, this career attorney of law shares his inspiring life experiences with children to energize their futures positively.

Fun Fact: Landon recently worn the mascot costume of Odon. He has promised never to do that again. But we will see.