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About the mini-documentary web series.

How to STEAM Dreams is a documentary 4 part mini series. S.T.E.M. careers are growing. With the challenges we face as a human race let alone as the United States, we need to spark creativity, imagination, and innovation in all OUR kids. This includes Black and Brown kids who unfortunately according to reset research are experiencing a two-year learning gap due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When you integrate the ARTS with STEM you get S.T.E.A.M. Take the journey and explore the insights from an innovative STEAM based program that is integrated with e-gaming. The modern-day generation of kids have created this metaverse space. All we are doing is engaging our kids on a level they understand. The e-Sports and e-gaming industries are exploding and there a ton of STEM career opportunities that require kids to be well rounded in science, technology, design engineering, and math. These programs help to foster critical thinking, improve social behavior, and supplement learning to increase reading literacy and math scores. Watch as two black men interact with 28 young black and brown boys that have their challenges in reading, math, and social behaviors.

See the story lines of how the boys face their fears, doubts and concerns to enjoy an amazing program that provided trackable results in reading and math. Inspiring team-work and friendly competition through e-gaming, we building their confidence up as they face challenges with standardized testing and issues they face in and out of the school. All the while galvanizing them and showing them how they can use STEAM to fulfill their dreams.

Produced by Creative Mindset Productions Brought to you by STEAM Your Dreams (a non-for-profit organization) Written and directed by Roman Sudan Montagueo Featuring Landon P. White, Esq. and students and teachers from Mort Community School and Seminole Elementary in Tampa, Florida. This series was filmed during the pandemic and followed the guidelines prescribed by the State of Florida, U.S. CDC, and the County of Hillsborough County, Florida.

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The unofficial public release of the first episode is available now on YouTube for free. We need your support. Would you like to donate and become apart of this community of change agents? Tune into our channels: YouTube, Patreon, and Vimeo. In the near future, we will be on other major streaming platforms. You can also become more than a fan and join as a Patreon subscriber and have access to exclusive content, merch, events, and the other episodes. The link to go our Patreon page is below. Stay in touch by providing your email so that we can let you know when we launch on other streaming platforms.

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